Located in the heart of Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos, BBB Media is a media public relations agency with big goals and an impressive ambition. Established in 2015 (after transitioning from the now defunct Bigsam Media Limited), this company is staffed entirely by PR experts, journalists, bloggers and digital marketing experts with many years of experience.

Their primary goal is to get their clients is to give clients and prospective a voice out there by getting them published either in the print media and aired on the radio and television or on the blogs which has now become the frontrunner as far as marketing communication is concerned in Nigeria and the world.

Another great attribute of this agency is that we train company officials in effective ways to communicate with the media and how to gain the full benefit from their communications. BBB Media majors in these categories of PR; Corporate PR, Entertainment PR & Crisis PR.

We are constantly looking for new ways to ensure that the businesses and concerns of our clients come into lime light . These we achieve through the use of our service tolls which include:

Email Marketing, Online Advertising,Online Influencing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media, Analytics And Search Engine Optimization

  • The Made-In-Nigeria (MAIN) Festival
  • African Youth Awards
  • Music meets Runwayli
  • Fela On the Broadway
  • Last Flight to Abuja
  • Beast of No Nation
  • WED Expo
  • Young Business Leaders of Nigeria
  • Basketmouth
  • Filmhouse Cinema
  • The Meeting
  • Being Mrs Elliot
  • Omoni Oboli & others

In an industry where peoples’ ideas are constantly ‘stolen’ from time to time and clients are always in the hunt for fresh ideas, there is an utmost need for agencies who handle marketing briefs to come up with the much needed content. Gaining influencer mind-share increasingly requires engaging audiences through content. Content-driven programs can be the link of any program, and can be used to freshen up communications methods through any channel.

BBB’s content-led communications offers leverages of our services for expertise to develop holistic content and thought-leadership strategies that work well for our clients. BBB’s approach is built around generating engaging ideas, creating interesting products and identifying effective distribution channels. Our content team includes communications experts from PR, Marketing, and Social who work together to execute top-notch programs.